Conversing with mushrooms

What an experience at Huddersfiled Contemporary Music Festival!

Maria Sappho shared her wonderful work with AI and conversing with mushrooms. We were able to improvise as a group. The visual opera was amazing.

Hopefully the ideas from this can be taken forward in the Slawit Noise Collective!

From Where? to Here

From Where? to Here

Where?: is forgotten.

Here: is yet to be remembered.

Craig Winstanley and Jon.Ogara in the form of C ÷ M present a journey of frequencies and modes of experimental urban folk music, forged in the heat of some eternal political moment.

There are memories of conversations, journeys through town landscapes and suggestions about how time …. just slips.

The work is intended as a postcard to the eventual future of a yet to be experienced incompetence.

The structure is yet to be formulated, but the initial thinking is as follows:


The performance starts with an introduction, with some improvising over the top

It appeared from somewhere

This merges into out first Urban Folk Tune


Written but yet to be released

You wake, with senses opaque, to the fuse of your muse, confused by the shape of things that have gone, departed, confined, but with saccharine grief left behind, and the certainty that you find in the memory banks of the past, you contrast with the doubts and the fear of what horrors are yet to appear, but the now and the here is a shape that you cannot control, and it shifts and it squirms as you grasp to try and make sense of the present tense
And it takes all your nerve to flatten the area under the curve
And it takes all your nerve to flatten the area under the curve
Water Tower
Echo Chamber
In the beginning was a scream… it was quite obscene
And then the word was heard… it was quite absurd
Then the night and the light had to fight for the right.. to be seen and heard
And the day had to wait for the night to be done.. and the light had won
And the void was annoyed to be deployed.. before the humanoid
And the man did what he can … for the master plan
And you see only what you want to see, And you hear only what you want to hear
And you fear only what you want to fear
And you believe, what you want to believe
(me too)
Forgotten conversations

This takes samples from the phoneme chart recorded by various friends and family, these are then played through via midi sequences to create a memory of conversations. There is the hope that new rhythms and words could be created. The sounds are moved through live adjustment of the sequences and keyboard input.

Rustic silence
Space – you never told me ‘bout the pastures in your head
Face – you never told me ‘bout the actor’s life you led
Walking through the silent timeline
Time – you never told me ‘bout the time it takes to learn
Crime – you never told me ‘bout the wasted time you burn
Hate – you never told me ‘bout the need to let it go
Wait –you never told me ‘bout the rustic lies you know
Walking through the silent timeline
In your imagination, the fields and the sky, the wind in your hair, in your mind’s eye
With nature your soul-mate, your bountiful friend, your loyal companion, love without end
A life without worries, anxiety free, a life without danger, a life without me
But that’s just a dream, a construction, in vain
The cruel rustic silence would crush you again
Getting there

A collection of samples of taxi requests to an incorrect number and Metrolink stops. These are played over the track “Getting there”.

So far
A gentle soft heart
Hidden in her hills
Her life deep lived
Lost in her dreams
She would sing long songs
She would tell those tales
She would right those wrongs
And dance through dales
She finds the sun, she finds the sun
Wherever she is, she will find the sun
Wherever she is, she will find the sun
We were so near, we were so far
We were this close, we were this clear
She would walk on hot coals
And take the holy ghost
She could breathe through souls
And fix buttonholes
And She would ask us
“where is love?”
And our eyes would dance
And our hearts would run
She finds the sun, she finds the sun
Wherever she is, we find the sun
Wherever she is, we find the sun
We were so near, we were so far
We were this close, we were this clear
Who are we?

A live delivered set of two alternative intelligences of C ÷ M using the MILCa system developed by Anna Xambo Sedo. These play sounds from freesound based upon the recorded instance of C div M at a particular stage in life. The word seed for these will start the generation of the sounds and similar sounds searched based upon the AI interpretation of the likes and dislikes of C ÷ M. The sounds will be played over “The ninth circle”


Middleware music

It the eternal search for meaning leads down many a culdesac.

The latest dead end is the idea of “Middleware”.

A term borrowed from soon to be lost technical experiences of Software and Hardware.

Middleware is the muddy depth between these two.

Thus “Middleware” music is the muddy depths between the digital and the analogue.

There will be arguments about where the music lies.

Where does the following lie?